A new top achievement for Semso. We are overjoyed! His old tipplers flew 20:10h at the Long Day competition this year which was the best time for all of Germany.

The long and hard preparations have payed off for Semso Ehnert-Fekica. More than 3 months he trained his tipplers daily and invested a lot of patience to get his birds up to an excellent level of endurance. The tippler breeder  was full of hope and very excited about entering the competition at the Long Day 2015, the highlight off the competitive year. And the results are impressive:

Long Day 2015

June 20, 2015 - Semso Ehnert-Fekica

Start: 4 am - End: 24:10 am
Time: 20:10h
Judges: Jürgen Kunze, Senad Nukic, Tomislav Volic
Ring Nb.:  647 / TCD 2014, Blau, male
Ring Nb.: 0132 / TCD 2010, Blau, male
Ring Nb.:  012 / TCD 2013, Blau, male
Ring Nb.: 029 / TCD 2013, Blau-Spitz, male

June 21, 2015 - Reinhild Ehnert 

Start: 4.00 am - End: 23.18 pm
Time: 19:18h
Judges: Jürgen Kunze, Senad Nukic
Ring Nb.: 0284 / TCD 2010, Blau-Spitz, female
Ring Nb.: 0721 / TCD 2010, Blau, female
Ring Nb.: 3767 / TCD 2012, Schimmel, female

It was not only a very successful competition, but also a genuinely nice day. The team already greatly enjoyed the start of he competition starting with the release of the birds at 4 am and the rest oft off the day went just as smooth. The tipplers flight was steady all day and the kit constellation fit very well. The kit was always in sight and thus all attendees enjoyed the competition a lot. Aside from the judges, Semso, and his wife Reinhild, many visitors of the park watched the birds with great interest. This way the competition has helped to gain our great sport further popularity on that day.

We are already looking forward to the Long Day 2016.