Here I present you two videos of my tippler breeding lines. It took me a long time of testing, but now I am very happy with these lineages in my breed.

I also regularly sell some of these tipplers, both young pigeons and trained ones. If you are interested, please watch out for announcements on my website on when I am giving away birds from these bloodlines.

Video 1: Fekica-bred pigeons with Pit van der Werf and Harry Shannon ancestry

I am especially proud of this breeding line of mine. I breed pigeons of this lineage since 2001, with descent from Pit van der Werf (European Record 2001, 20h31) and Harry Shannon (World record 1995, 22h05). Before I had tried out tipplers from the bloodlines of different breeders, but only the results and flight times of the tipplers with these ancestries satisfy me.

I achieved very good flying times with these birds already, of more than 17h or even more than 18h and 19h. They have flown even top results: In 2006 I won the record with young tipplers with birds from this bloodline in the DFU (Deutsche Flugtippler Union) flying 21h10. In 2012 my pigeons from this line flew the record time with old tipplers in the TCD (Tippler Club Deutschland) with 20h45.

Video 2: Fekica-bred pigeons with Hidde De Jong ancestry

I also breed with pigeons from the dutch breeder Hidde de Jong. His red tipplers flew the top time of 20h15. 

I breed this line since 2008 and am very satisfied with it. The pigeons stand out through very high flight and strong endurance, which results in long flying times.